Four of a Kind Win Pro-MAC™ Eagle River Qualifier

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The Professional Muskie Angler Circuit (Pro-MAC™) concluded a great event on the Eagle River Chain this weekend, August 27th and 28th with forty four legal muskies being registered during very tough fishing conditions. Even though the predictable dog days of summer appeared for the Pro-MAC™ competitors, in the form of sunny skies and still winds, the even more predictable Eagle River muskies were eager biters giving just about every team the chance at scoring on a legal muskie, making for a very enjoyable event that is typical of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes. The less than stellar conditions didnt deter the winning team of Randy Kauranen and Phil Markgraf as they would set new WMT Series record for the only team ever to have two registered four forty inch class muskies in a two day tournament in eleven years.

The first muskie to be registered would come at 6:12am by Ryan Bock and Tim Rutzen Jr. with a 34.50 incher but the duo wouldnt stop their as they tallied another fish at 7:54am with a 41 inch muskie. The largest muskie of the day and of the tourney would be captured by Robert Elsner and David Boreman that scored 45.50 inches at 6:34am. The second team two double up for the contest would be Phil Markgraf and Randy Kauranen with fish of 41.25 inches at 11:12am and 42.75 inches at 12:39pm. The next team to follow suit by putting two muskies on the board would be Jeff VanRemortel and Matt Raley with a 38 incher at 7:27am and a 39.75 muskie at 3:29pm. The final team to score a double would be Scott Lewandowski and Dan Dassow with catches of 35.50 inches at 1:21pm and 34 inches at 3:55pm.

In total, twenty four muskies would be registered on Saturday during the ten hours of fishing, but an equally impressive twenty muskies were tallied in just six hours of competition on Sunday. The first muskie to be registered on the second day of the tilt would be scored at 6:19am by David Castonia and Steve Tilque with a 37.25 incher but the team wouldnt be finished there as the popped a 36 incher later at 7:06am that would add to their previous tally of 35.25 inches at 11:38 Saturday morning. The first team that would score on three fish for the contest would be Lewandowski and Dassow when they added a 40.50 incher at 6:39am. The next team to score on multiple fish for the tourney would be Jarred Adamovich and Jeremy Barber when they tallied a 41 muskie at 7:38am to go along with their previous days score of 35 inches at 3:36pm. Dan Buss and Todd Luedtke would be the second team to score two muskies for the day with a 38.25 incher at 8:34am and an earlier catch of 35.75 inches at 7:25am. Adding a 39.25 muskie at 10:31am to their Saturday tally of 36.50 inches at 7:52am, Bob Dekker and Chip Bottrell would land an eight place finish with their effort. At 11:27am, Bock and Rutzen would be the first team to quadruple with a 41.25 muskie and an earlier 37 incher at 10:27am. John Bennett and Brent Kiedrowski would jump up to sixth place with Sunday scores of 35.25 inches at 8:04am and 42 inches at 11:37am. The final muskie of the day and for the contest would be the most important tally for the tilt as Markgraf and Kauranen would register their fourth at 11:50am, measuring 41.50 inches to add to their earlier catch of 40.25 incher at 8:37am.

Other teams to score on fish for the event on Saturday were: Don Groskopf and Dan Winkler 36 at 8:50am, Rich Hess and Scott Canton 41.25 at 8:54am, Andy Jackson and Brandon Leinon 39.75 at 9:10am, Brian Krelle & Tim Miller 38 at 10:02am, Colby and Ron Schmitz 41 at 10:52am, Tom Rozek and Jacob Nast 42.25 at 11:36am, Rob Fisher and Devon Gaszak 38.75 at 12:00pm, Jason Baratka and Jason Weik 36.75 at 12:30pm, Chris Sinnot & Tim Nordland 36 at 2:02pm, Don Grant and Dave Laska 41.25 at 2:32pm, Gene Erickson 37.25 at 2:33pm, and Rory Tuff and Dick Heckel 37.50 at 3:31pm.

Additional muskies were caught on Sunday by the following teams: Joel Walczak and Eric Godager 34.25 at 6:33am, Marcus Malyuk and Ben Bain 39.50 at 6:50am, Abe Land and Sam Ubl 45 at 7:06am, Doug Steiner and Jim

Rutkowski 36.75 at 8:32am, Clay Schmoeker and Mark VanRossum 37.25 at 10:18am, Andy and Kathy Regenfuss 41 at 11:27am, and Chuck Miesfeld and Bill Griffin 37.50 at 11:48am.

The Pro-MAC™ Eager River qualifying tournament top ten finishers were:
1st - Randy Kauranen/Phil Markgraf
2nd - Ryan Bock/Tim Rutzen Jr.
3rd - Scott Lewandowski/Dan Dassow
4th - David Castonia/Steve Tilque
5th - Matt Raley/Jeff VanRemortel
6th - John Bennett/Brent Kiedrowski
7th - Jared Adamovich/Jeremy Barber
8th - Bob Dekker/Chip Bottrell
9th - Dan Buss/Todd Luedtke
10th - Robert Elsner/David Boreman

The next tournament, and the final two day qualifier for the Pro-MAC™ 2011 season, will be hosted on the Three Lakes Chain September 10th and 11th. There is still some opening for the Three Lakes event and still some time to send in your entry form through the mail. You can also sign up for the Three Lakes tourney the Friday the 9th before the tilt at Jakes Bar and Grill on HWY 32 starting at 5:30pm until 7:30pm. At this time, both of our ease out location are open as well, Pine Isle Resort on Medicine Lake, or Sunset Grill & Convenience Store on Big Stone Lake.

For more information about the Pro-MAC™ and how you can be the next big winner, log on to the web site at or or call us at (715)277-4411.

Local sponsor partners for the 2011 Pro-MAC™ are: Wild Eagle Lodge, Chanticleer Inn, Eagle River Inn, Rollie and Helens Musky Shop, Fittante Taxidermy, Tooth Tamer Rods, Tackle Industries (Super D), and Ts Tackle, Dreamcatcher Bucktails and Tackle, Hellraiser Tackle, Skimmer Fishing Tackle, Yakima Baits,, R.J. Lures, Musky Mayhem Tackle, Cats Tails, River Run Tackle, Bait Rigs, Hawg Seeker Tackle, Figure 8, Musky Armor, Mason Muskie Line, Trophy Hunter Glittertail Muskie Lures, Super Slayer Tackle Company, Optimum Baits, Red October Baits, and Leaders and Lures.

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