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The Professional Muskie Angler Circuit™ (Pro-MAC™) held its second two day qualifier of the 2011 season on Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th that would result in the winners and a wild card team receiving invites to the Invitational Championship and the largest cash prize ever for a muskie tournament series finally. Saturday's overcast weather and light east prevailing winds made for a steady bite that resulted in 25 legal muskies for the day however soaking rains on Sunday would slow down the muskie activity with only 11 muskies tallied on the final day for a total of 36 fish for the tilt. Twelve teams would score on multiple fish for the contest.

The first muskie of the day would come early at 6:34am by the team of John Bennett and Brent Kiedrowski that scored in at 43.25 inches. The first team to double up for the tourney would be Dan Buss and Todd Luedtke at 12:06pm when the tallied their second muskie of 39.25 inches to add to their previous 40.50" catch at 7:06am. Shortly after, Phil Graham and Kevin Black would land two of their own with the first coming at 10:10am measuring 37.50 " and a second 38 incher at 12:17pm. Andy and John Meyer would the next team to measure two for the contest with a 40" muskie at 11:37am followed by a 37.50 incher at 1:28pm. At 1:37pm, Tyler Maney and Tyler Rutzen put their second fish "on the board" with a 37.50 incher adding to their earlier catch of 37.50 inches at 9:48am. The biggest muskie of the day would come from Brian Emmerich and Brian Kastner when they scored a dandy 45.25 incher at 2:00pm and when added to their previous tally of 37.25 inches at 8:41am, would give the duo the lead after the first day of competition. The next team to have a multiple fish day would be Jake Bucki and Luke Pernsteiner with catches of 37.50 inches at 7:50am and 36.75 "at 2:10pm. The final team to pop two muskies on Saturday would come from the father and son team of George and Patrick Kingsland when they scored a 43.50" muskie at 10:43am and a 36.25 incher at 3:15pm.

The second day of the contest can be broken down to two periods of weather, there was the times when the field was greeted with rain, then there was the other times when the competitors were coping with a monsoon. The fishing slowed down however there were teams who were able to scratch out a fish or two. One such team was Bob Dekker and Chip Bottrell who score on the first fish of the day at 7:09am and 42 inches but they would not be done as they would also tally the last muskie as well at 11:52am with a 39 incher. The largest muskie of the contest would measure 46.25 inches at 7:25am by Dawson Usack and Don Sandness. At 8:18am, the team of Tim Rutzen Sr. and Bill Dinkmeyer would score on their second muskie of the tourney with a 40.25 incher to add to their previous days tally of 37 inches at 6:42am. At 11:05am, the Meyer's had measured their third muskie of the contest with a 34 incher giving the brother the first place finish. Chris Ceccato and Ryan Buth would be the second team to double for the day with muskies of 40 inches at 7:40am and 35.75 inches at 11:15am. The third and final team to score on two muskies on Sunday would be Dan and Mike Wojtusik when they tallied muskies of 39.50 inches at 8:36am and 37 inches at 11:18am. Bennett and Kiedrowski would capture a second place finish when they measured their double for the contest at 11:31am with a 40.25 incher giving the team a total of 83.50 inches for the weekend.

Other teams to score on muskies Saturday were: Joe and Prescott Mahner 42.50" at 7:24am, Ryan Bock and Tim Rutzen Jr. 38" at 7:36am, Dan and Gene Schulz 41.50" at 8:10am, Eric Dombeck and Nelson Eisele 34.50" at 9:27am, Brian Garvin and John Campbell 34.25" at 10:27am, Terry Ritter and Tom Wallschlaeger 37.50" at 10:48am, Greg Kliss and Phil Amstadt 34.25" at 11:35am, Brian Krelle and Tim Miller 37.75" at 1:37pm, and Joey Rozanski and Mark Gillich 40.50" at 3:56pm. Joe Brezinski and Randy Miller also tallied a 35.75" muskie on Sunday at 7:58am.

The Pro-MAC™ Three Lakes Chain qualifying tournament top ten finishers were:

1st - John and Andy Meyer
2nd - Brent Kiedrowski/John Bennett
3rd - Brian Emmerich/Brian Kastner
4th - Bob Dekker/Chip Bottrell
5th - Dan Buss/Todd Luedtke
6th - George and Patrick Kingsland
7th - Tim Rutzen Sr./Bill Dinkmeyer
8th - Mike and Dan Wojtusik
9th - Chris Ceccato/Ryan Buth
10th - Kevin Black/Phil Graham

The Pro-MAC™ inaugural 2011 season consist of three one day qualifying tournaments and six two day qualifiers, all culminating with histories largest guaranteed muskie tournament circuit championship payout of $40,000.00 to the first place finishers with a purse of $55,000.00. Pewaukee Lake will be the location of this historic 2011 Pro-MAC™ Invitational Championship on October 1st and 2nd. If you are interested in meeting a great bunch of men and women and competing in the most exciting, highest pay-out muskie tournament on the planet, there are still some openings on our schedule:

August 6 and 7 - Boom Lake/Sand-Dam Lake Chain
August 20 and 21 - Manitowish Chain
August 27 and 28 - Eagle River Chain
September 10 and 11 - Three Lakes Chain

September 24th - Lake Mohawksin

The next tournament for the Pro-MAC™ is the Boom Lake/Sand-Dam Lake Chain on Saturday and Sunday, August 6th and 7th. There is still some spot open for the Boom Lake/Sand-Dam Lake Chain tournament. If you would like to fish the Boom Lake/Sand-Dam Lake Chain Pro-Mac™ event, you can fill out an entry form and mail it in or sign up for the tournament on the previous Friday the 5th at Cross Country Bar and Grill just north of Rhinelander on HWY 17 between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Sponsor partners for the 2011 Pro-MAC™ are: Rollie and Helen's Musky Shop, Fittante Taxidermy, Tooth Tamer Rods, Tackle Industries (Super D), Dreamcatcher Bucktails and Tackle, Ts' Tackle, Suick, Hellraiser Tackle, Skimmer Fishing Tackle, Yakima Baits, ,R.J. Lures, Musky Mayhem Tackle, Cat's Tails, River Run Tackle, Bait Rigs, Hawg Seekers Tackle, Figure 8, Musky Armor, Mason (muskie fishing lines), Trophy Hunter Glittertail Muskie Lures, Super Slayer Tackle Company, Optimum Baits, Red October Baits, and Leaders and Lures.

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